What is DEAD P.A.?

DEAD P.A. is an electronic band (known in the club community as a "live p.a.") that has established and maintained a fan base and touring circuit throughout the U.S. While many conventions of dancefloor and club spectacle are integral to a live show, DEAD P.A. aims to push the envelope incorporating stage charisma and themes - making the set an experience.

What does live p.a. mean?

Most of the time when one hears electronic, dancefloor, or club oriented music, it is on the radio or via a DJ at a club. It is seldom that individuals associate dance music with a live performance but with the revolution of technology the expression of music on stage has transformed. The term "live p.a." is often used to describe these electronic artists and bands. The letters "P.A." have been said to stand for performing artist, programmable audio, and public address (like a P.A. system) among many other things.

Who is in DEAD P.A.?

The roster consists of...
Jason Walsh (vocals, keyboards, percussion, live mix, guitar)
Jordan Kolar (vocals, keyboards, percussion, live mix)
Krystal Hardwick (vocals)
Levon Louis (vocals, keyboards)

Core members of DEAD P.A. include Jordan Kolar and Jason Walsh while frequent collaborative and performance duties are supplied by soulful songbird Krystal Hardwick and the Montreal based producer and MC Levon Louis. DEAD P.A. was originally started by Jason and George "The Human Drum Machine" in 2003. George retired from performing with DEAD P.A. in 2011 to focus on family.

How did DEAD P.A. get it's start?

Jason and former DEAD P.A. member George "The Human Drum Machine" performed in rock bands in high school in the early 90's and as anyone in a band knows - it's no easy task to keep it together. When Jason and his former bandmates found themselves struggling to maintain a drummer in the lineup, George was asked to join. Shortly thereafter, George swiped the band's bassplayer to form yet another band. Jason purchased a drum machine and sampler and took a new direction with a more electronic edge. The solo performance evolved into "Population Zero" in 1996 and began playing clubs, warehouses, and festivals throughout Texas. In the meantime, George had gone off to school in Boston. Upon his graduation and return in 2003, he made contact with Jason and happened to mention that he had aquired a Roland electronic drumkit. The suggestion of a jam session was made and the two quickly realized the potential for a live performance.

What has DEAD P.A. released?

1. Strangelove E.P. (Silky Sensations Records)
2. The Dead Will Rise (Goinka Records)
3. DEAD P.A. vs Devine & Emily Play 12" vinyl (2nd Movement/Goinka Records)

1. The Strangelove E.P. was a split release featuring DEAD P.A. and DJ Flippy. Both acts contribute to in the drum n bass version of the title track and Depeche Mode classic "Strangelove." Burn the Fucker Down saw it's first release on this cd. In a fit of humor - or terrible proofreading, Silky Sensations omitted a listing for a second track.

2. Vocal credits on the full length album "The Dead Will Rise" are as follows:
Jason - Burn the Fucker Down, Sisters, Open Your Eyes, Kinesthetic
Krystal - No Time for California
George - Backdraft Beats, George's Brain, Lifeguard
Levon - Rise Up

3. The DEAD P.A. vs Devine & Emily Play 12" features previously unreleased DEAD P.A. tracks "Let the System Rock" and "Plasticity." The featured Devine & Emily Play tracks are "Mr. Bass" and "Kome into my World." All songs on this 12" are available anywhere you purchase digital music.

*As Population Zero, Jason had three releases - two of which have been adapted and performed by DEAD P.A. The song "The Thief" was originally released on 1216records' "Emerge" compliation while the song "Nightlight" was released on WE Records "Please Rewind and Play Again vol 4."

Where did DEAD P.A. go in 2007? Does Jason have brain cancer?

Over the course of 2007, DEAD P.A. only played three shows. In January of 2007, DEAD P.A. member Jason Walsh was diagnosed with an atypical brain tumor the “size of a small orange.” Ten days after the diagnosis Jason underwent a 10 hour open brain surgery. The surgery was unsuccessful in the removal of the mass and upon recovery only months later, he took on six weeks of daily radiation treatment and followed up with a year of chemotherapy treatment. The health issues reduced the touring schedule in 2007 relative to the huge momentum in 2006. While Jason is still fighting caancer and has a significant loss of fine motor skill in his left hand, the current medical regimine has put Jason back in the saddle for performing. An actual brain scan of the tumor is on the insert in the case under the CD of "The Dead Will Rise."

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The Dead Will Rise credits

  Cover Art
James Scully & DEAD P.A.
  Photography Credits
Steve Slawinski, Jason Whitmire, Tonia Miller, friends and family