Meet The Players...

Jason Walsh
aka papa zero

Walsh has been producing dance music since late '97 and has received critical acclaim for his solo live p.a. performance in the Houston Press Music Awards nominated in the category for best DJ/Dance act in 2000 and 2001. Solo releases are available on 1216 records and WE Records. His most recent release - the drum n bass banger "Nightlight" is currently available on WE Record's Please Rewind and Play Again compilation series. In addition to working on new material for DEAD P.A. , Jason is currently doing contract work on a full length feature film documentary.


Jordan Kolar
aka Sifu

Jordan started his music career with a bang as part of's most downloaded acts - 303infinity. He has established himself as an accomplished dancer and aeriel performer even appearing in a performance on America's Best Dance crew with IamMe.


Levon Louis
aka Absynthesis

Levon Louis is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and Hollywood-trained sound designer who leaves a lasting impression wherever he performs and is a positioned at the forefront next-generation sound and music production. His music has been released on dance vinyl, CD albums, appears in film, and also on several game soundtracks for the XBOX & PS2


Krystal Hardwick

Big on travel, Krystal has gathered a rounded spectrum of performance in the east and west coast as well as overseas. Krystal has been involved in singing for about 10 years, 4 of them professionally. A native of Houston, TX she has grown up in incredibly diverse surroundings, which influence her musical taste and style. Her father was the largest influence - once a bass player and DJ in Chicago. "My father was the one who actually introduced me to Jill Scott, Jeff Bradshaw, and Herbie Hancock."